His name is Bobby Hicks. Currently taken by Keiko Lynn. But i can guarantee that that wont stop me from dreaming.

Moving on. Lily Allen is known for being a somewhat controversial, outspoken and lively young lady. And that's cool and everything, but i find it hard to believe that this girl doesn't have some sort of filter for some of the things she says. She needs to discover the whole think before you say thing. Like it'd be funnier if she wasnt a celebrity and she were saying judgemental things. But she is. Spotlight is on YOU, LILY !

"Listen, you've had one song on an Itunes ad, lets not get excited"
After throwing a bottle at Jet, 2007

"I'm pretty much a missionary-position girl. I like a bit of strangling though.
On her turn ons, 2008

Filter it my child, filter it.

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