"I left my baby on the side of the highway, he just couldn't see things my way."

If someone was seriously annoying me, i would probably consider that haha. Maybe not ?

I've come to a conclusion. Because i essentially HAD to. When someone asks me how i like my boys, i have this loooong list (long hair/short hair side fringe, extremely tall, tattoos, blah etc), and it takes way too long to get to the end of it. This all started when i was at the train station. It was 9:24, I looked at my phone, and had a message, so i was all "OK cool, i'll just check it, as per usual." But then i get interupted by this beautiful racket. I look up and see a group of about nine guys. Not just any guys. Beautifully sculpted, DELICIOUSLY SCRUMPTIOUS, looking guys. I probably stopped breathing for about 6 seconds. So i was all "OMG, i have to tell Tiqa/Mat/Grace/Hwang (Bro)" and i tried to send a message, but i didnt have any credit. So i decided to type a message and save it into a draft. This is what the draft said:
Trilby, drop arm singlet, flannel, skinny jeans, half thigh shorts, black sneakers, cardigan, beanie.
On the train i was looking over the message trying to think of what these guys looked like, and it came to me = each of them are like dressed for each season !
SUMMER: Drop arm singlet, half thigh shorts, trilby
AUTUMN: Flannel shirt, skinny jeans
WINTER: Cardigan, drop arm singlet, beanie
SPRING: Skinnies, drop arm singlet
They were dream men.

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