The conversation usually goes down like this:
"Heeeey, didn't know you had a job. Where do you work."
"Oh, you didnt ? Well its just at diva."
"Thats so cool. Get to wear cool jewellery, and do nothing all day. HOW EASY!"

Well, let me be the first to tell you that the job is so bloody demanding, i don't know how people stay around for years. They want you to be bubble non stop or fake it, bring out new stock, while refilling stock. Then sell some Christmas lip balm, and talk to the customers. Oh and i'd be careful if you're caught dodging a customer because:
A: they're in a rush
B: they're on the phone
C: they're talking to someone they came into the store with

You practically get a beat down. "Every customer must be acknowlegdged" Blaaaah nag.
Then they ask the million dollar question.
"How would you feel if you walked into the store, and weren't greeted?"
Seriously ? I'd be glad i dodged the pushy salesperson, trying to get me to buy a bracelet and necklace when i just wanted to buy a ring.

I mean, the only pro i can think of about working there is the discounted jewellery. But that'll only get you so far. The cons outweigh the pros.

Signing off,
The underpaid casual christmas employee.

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  1. haha! even if cons outweigh pros, i've gotta say i'm pretty jealous of you just HAVING a job.... i could really do with one - cash + discounted stuff!!

    i just found your blog, and am following now... love it!! :)