Whoa, haven't posted anything in over a month. Totally depressing and unblogworthy. But never fear, 'cause im back homies, and i've decided i'm gonna be consistent. Over the past few days, i entered a 3 day Christian Conference, thats really helped me see things just that little better, and that ive gotta make changes. So my first change, is to try and be consistent with blogging, BUT if my internet is being a cow, then you cant blame me !

So how 'bout a quote, from a gospel song, thats really gotten to me. "You gave me hope, you've made me whole." Isnt that beautiful. Sorry ! Off topic. Now, where to start ? How bout picture updates, of what i've been doing. Not that great im afraid;
At a friends house, taking very good use of her beautiful Mac. Gosh, theyre so cool !

At, dinner with the birthday girl. Legend, she is.

Can you just imagine, waking up seeing that stuck on your window from a secret admire. How cute/epic would that be ? I'd be totally amped. More posts soon ? Yes. Probably ? Maybe. We shall see. I need more readers. I left this blog vacant for too long i feel like theyve all run away, into a land where magical blog readers go to read magical blogs.
Adios for now ?

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