I count down the days, till im done with year 10. Well i don't but i should start. Its terrible really. I mean, you think you're done with assessments and assignments and HUZZA, they bombard you with some more. One of my bestest homies GRACE "HUI CHEN" LEE, got me the cooooolest zebra ring ever from Melbourne. Its truly delicious.

I'm gonna start one of those "10 things about me" things.

1. I like to observe things. Like observe and analyse. And when i know half of a story or something, i make up the rest in my head - but when i figure out the other half, its never half as good as what i thought, haha.

2. I've suddenly become obsessed with animal prints, animal jewellry, animals on clothes, animal motifs, animal everything ! It makes me happy.

3. I have all these ideas of what i want to do when i grow up, and then i think about the effort involved, and get turned off.

4. When i heard that Kevin Jonas made his bed before he slept in it, i thought he was a mad douche. But i do it too ! haha

5. I wish my house was bought and not rented, 'cause my room would currently be the shit.

6. "Imitation is the best form of flattery." Yes, if people know that you were imitated. No, if they dont. Like anyone wants someone prancing around acting EXACTLY LIKE THEM.

7. So far i figured out that i want 4 tats. A big one on my right wrist, a small one on my left wrist. One on one finger on my left hand, and the same on the right.

8. I like my boys, thin and scruffy. Not skinny. I could never think of the right word. Maybe not thin, but SLIM. You know, side fringe, piercing, skinny jeans, sneakers, flat caps. All optional.

9. I own so many bracelets and earrings, but im never wearing them. Like, never. Reason ? Well, when i pile on bracelets i feel over-dressed. But i've decided i'll wear 'em anyway.

10. This last one is lengthy. Beware. So the lowdown is - i hate couples, not all couples though, just like 10% of those annoying ones.Its not the fact that you are a couple, just couply things. Like, i dont wanna be hanging out with my friends, and walk past two people sucking face. I'd rather not. Straight, gay, lesbian, whatever. Its just awkward, for everyone around you. Over the top, public displays of affection are inappropriate. Hold hands, fine. Sneak a little kiss. Be all giddy and affectionate with your eyes, or smile. Don't start to practise making babies on a side walk bench. Wait, let me rephrase my intro. I don't hate couples, i hate over the top public displays of affection.

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