18 year old english singer, songwriter, actress and dancer, and frankly she's my new favourite it girl, man. Hmm, come to think of it - i dont particulary like that saying, "it-girl", but whatever, i dont know a better one. She's so freaking cool, dude.
That is obviously a shirt, and no normal person would ever think of wearing it as a dress, but you know. I think thats a Christopher Kane ?

Usually leggings as pants, is like a no-go zone, but somehow, this kinda works for me. Casual yet cool, and an added bonus of fantamagasical. The hair though ? I don't know.
I just love those wellies. But considering how cold it would be, to rain, and therefore have to wear wellies. You'd think that she'd consider wearing a cardigan or something - at least.

I just feel like i should own everything in this picture. What do you think, do you love her ? Loathe her ?


  1. Lizzle, yu know i'd do the shirtdress thing :) nd I'd do it well ! hahahah

  2. love her. and your blog header! its wicked. x

  3. Yeah it's the Christopher Kane they remade as a croc for Topshop - I think I like the croc better! I actually really like this girls' style. Not sure about her music though. Yeah I know, music - at least the It girls nowadays are famous for actually doing something!