Guess where i went. TO THE TOPSHOP OPENING IN PADDINGTON. First in Sydney. I'm pretty sure its the first in bloody Australia. Its quite nice. Very boutique-y, wooden floors, racks neatly positioned, shelves ontop of the racks with vintage books, and miniature cars and vases, and flowers. It's all quite lovely. Prices start from around $30 for plain white tees, striped nautical type tops etc - and go as pricey as $300.
Mhmm, its all pretty current. But very much wintery seeing as its probably winter in the UK and America. They're doing the whole:
- Sequins
- Denim
- Stripes
- Military
- Plaid
- Abstract feathery (Haha, that sounds horrible. But it's quite nice)
- Fringing
- Studs
- Florals
So you're set if you follow trends and stuff. I was expecting to see alot more shoes on display, but there were only about 10. They were on the shelves, like they were decorations and not for sale. Oh, and there were NO accessories on display, except for patterned tights. What about the bags guys !
Tell me about your day. I'd like to know. Seriously :) haha


  1. Finally, Topshop in Australia!

    I had a long day today. My day started at 7:40am because I had a morning class and by lunchtime I had fizzled out.

  2. OMFG! That is so exciting for all you Sydney folk! Can't believe it is open already, you are so lucky you got to go to the opening! Topshop is definitely something everyone should get to enjoy. Again. And again. And again!

  3. Oooooh, heard about the opening. Cannot wait for more to open (Perth or Melbourne, because I never go to Sydney).

    Thanks for the review :)
    Will be looking forward to betterness as Topshop gets more acclimatised to Aus