They're an insanely all girl, pop rock group from Orange County. Two of the girls are sisters, and the other is their best friend. I guess you could say they look borderline scene, but they're hot. Yeah, the do cop alot of flack for coming accross as trashy, slutty, brainless, stupid. But who wants to sit around and listen to conservative people, singing conservative music. No. Not me, not i.
With songs like, "I Like Money", "Just Got Paid, Lets Get Laid", and "Take Your Shirt Off", you know the girls mean business. Getting straight to the point.
Check out their song 'Alchohol.'
P.S: Guys, give me songs to download. I'm into basically anything, i guess (:
How was your day today ?

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  1. im definitely going to check them out :) thanks.
    you could try looking up 3OH!3, theyre cool. also Boys Like Girls are good. XX