I dont generally got for this "type", or whatever.
My preference = skater, muso type. skinny jeans, v neck, canvas shoes, the lot. OH and a side fringe. :) Yeah but i like this. If someone figures out what fashion show its from, please tell me. It was weird, it came up when i googled "cartoon cassette" or something.
Sonic is a hottie, and that brick/rubix cube type thing is a keeper. Oh yes, thats why i like my men. He has good legs, thats a plus.

PS: Isn't funny how you like the majority of the songs on your itunes, but as soon as they;re shuffled, you start to get picky.
PPS: Oh and isnt it funny how songs always sound better on the radio !? Like, what is that.


  1. Mmm, I totally get your type. Skater/indie/kinda emo all the way, but I'll take sonic/cubeman anyday.
    Thankyou for the follow ♥

  2. the thing about the ipod is so so true.
    we have the same type, haha.x