OH ! HOT DAMN ! I need to buy/own so many things, so i'm sharing this list.
- a new camera
- a new ipod
- a new phone
- a shirt with a wolf or tiger/lion/leopard on it
- black converse
- formal ticket and shoes
- birthday presents
- liquid eyeliner, mine is running OUT
- crochet needle
- a magazine subscription
- cash to buy skirts, or fabric to make em
- anything that catches my eye at the markets
That's probably not even half of the stuff i need, but i cant even think right now. Its depressing.


  1. thassright, i'm in year 11.
    i'm super psyched for gossip girl season3 next week!

    i used images off netaporter.com and made a collage on photoshop.

    i'll add you on twitter because i feel like a douche talking over blog comments :D

  2. ohhh i love that guys cartoons. so rad. so rad.

    I also need to buy many things. possibly THE UNIVERSE.