I've been such a sucky blogger. Seriously, i haven't blogged in like a week and a half. What sort of impression am i making ! This is horrible. Anyway - over that. Things have been happening, but im too tired/lazy to recount. I saw Guy Sebastion, hugged him and got a CD signed. For those who dont know him, he won THE FIRST EVER, Australian Idol. Yeah - he's a legend. Im excited that Topshop is coming to Sydney and everything, but think about it - lets just say a top is 30 pounds right. That adds up to $58.45 AU. And not to mention all the tax, gst, tarriff subsidies stuff you gotta pay, that adds up to around $65-$70. Its crazy ! So basically the excitement has ended before it even started.
It'd be the greatest thing EVER to make it onto cobrasnake, sigh.

Oh did i mention that i'm purposely making this post UBER long to make up for all those days i skipped. I really love cheetahs and leopards. Like when i'm older, and i live in my loft apartment, fully DIY'd, with my skater/musician/artist/actor husband, and my job at a magazine, or as a fashion designer/interior designer, i will own a baby cub. Its like my life long ambition.

(Don't they make you smile or tingle inside ? Not even just a little bit ?)

Can you imagine how cool it would be to friends with guys in a band, and you would totally go to one of their concerts, and they'd be like " insert name, this ones for you." AAHMYGAHD, wouldn't you just die right there. I know i would. I'm just waiting for that day to come. Then i will be complete.

I need new music, as soon as possible. I've downloaded some of the classics like, Stacy's Mom, by Fountain Of Wayne. EVERYBODY, loved that song. Don't deny it, it was a crowd pleaser. Anybody have any suggestions - more Indie, Pop-Rock, Acoustic. That sorta thing ? Yeah.

I never used to like Taylor Momsen, but i really like her now. Like really like her. Shes mad as. I probably didn't like her before, 'cause of the time she was an UBER ho to Rufus on Gossip Girl. Totally unacceptable Little Jenny.

I can't help but like everything she wears, but really only on her. Like i love Peaches Geldof, and Lily Allen probably just as much, but no - not on them.
Promise i'll post more often. Pinky promise.

P.S: Stacy's mom has got it goin' on
She's all i've wanted and i've waited for so long
Stacy, can't you see, you're just not the girl for me
I know it might be wrong, but i'm in love with Stacy's mom.

It totally brings back memories right ? HAHA


  1. hahah Stacy's mom totes brings back memories of 'I'd rather do it with Madonna' which was around the same time, no?

    and oh, gossip girl. i've totally fallen out with that.

  2. oh man, stacy's mom was all the rage back when i was in year 8 (not that long ago! 2006)
    i don't love taylor momsen. she annoys me a lot, and her character on gossip girl is even more whiny and annoying. but i gotta say - the girl knows how to dress herself.
    lolll, guy sebastian. what happened to his 'fro... :(