a little costs a lot.

I appreciate that summer is coming and everything. I don't not like summer, but it's a tad inconsiderate most of the time. See when some people think of summer, they think of sun, sand, waves. Yeah - thats great and all, but summer to me is flies, sweat, boiling BOILING weather, and that extra uncomfortable task of sleeping at night. The only pro, is pretty surfers and skaters. But thats about it. You know what also sucks ?


I mean, it's like half a metre of fabric, for 80 bucks ! Seriously bikini makers ? Get it together ! You know what, they need to double the options of bikinis/tankinis/monokinis/cut outs, and cut the price in half. All i want is a black monokini, but i want the front bit (where my tum-tum is), to cover the WHOLE of my tum tum. Not those HUGE cut out that only a certain minority can pull off. See, its August now, usually we have another 3-4 months to actually start worrying about purchasing a new kini-kini, BUT NO. Its now what like 28 degrees ? Ugh. But its fine with me, hahah. I know i chucked a 180. See i don't like swimming at beaches, 'cause of the grubby feeling afterwards. You're sticky from the beachwater, sand in unspeakable places. Its gross. So if my homies are planning to go to the beach, and need a loyal beach bud who hates the beach as much as i do, so we can sit and bitch about the beach.
P.S: I've yet to find a bikini that is as spectacular and magical as the one in my head.

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  1. Argh, speaking of bikinis, I saw some gorgeous ones on the Mink Pink website - they've launched a swimwear collection & really cute floral one-peices at Jaci Bailey. Just to keep in mind!