two posts in one day ?

That's right. But i have a problem ! The sizes of my photos are really inconsistent and its bugging me ! Does anyone know how to fix it ? On a lighter not though, i love Peaches Geldof, so these pictures make me happy. How delectable is Bunny ?!##%@

PS: Might even do a third, who knows ! HAHA


  1. I have just started a Photobucket account for this exact purpose - once you upload your photos there you can adjust the size before you paste the URL into Blogger! :-)

  2. Yep, I use photobucket....but today saw these insanely huge photos (the bigger the better, right?) that were uploaded on http://imageshack.us. So I'm tempted basically.

    p.s. love Peaches. She's lovely and so damn funky!

    Have a great one :)

  3. i'm surprised the last photo didn't explode from all the prettiness it contains.