procrastination is key.

Theres come a time in life, where you just have to realise that going to the library, won't stop you from procrastinating. I procrastinate, i do it well, and i have no shame about it. People need to come to terms with there inner procrastinater. Don't try and hide him/her because one day, when you need to study or get something done, and you THINK, that he/she won't come out, just remember, that he/she will be there. My inner procrastinater is a boy. His name is Curtis. Whilst at the library, Curtis came out to play, and being the nice person i am - let Curtis do his THAAAAAANG. Don't be a hero. Let your inner Curtis out.

Tiqa, Hwangkerrrrr, Grace, YOURS TRULY. (Oh and that little pink splodge of procastination, is Curtis. SAY HELLO !)

OH, and i got a reading list.
  • Mad Girls In Love - Michael Lee West
  • Fearless Fourteen - Janet Evanovich
  • The Picture Of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde ( Thanks to MONIKAAAAAAAA, homie)

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