theres always a waiting period.

Picture this.
Your texting a "someone." This someone is preferably a guy, unless you roll the other way. Anyway, so when this "someone" texts you, everyone knows you dont text back right away, 'cause thats like waaaay eager, right ? When was this rule decided, 'cause i know i live by it. But how does the rest of the world know, you ask ? Well, i'll tell you. When we were born, we were micro-chipped with the "don't-reply-too-quickly-or-else-you're-eager" sensor. Don't deny it. I have it, you have, we all have it. So i was thinking that someone, should step up to the plate and write the book of unwritten rues, for the poor girl who wasn't micro-chipped at birth. Even though that defeats the purpose, we have to be the MAJORITY - not minority. Can you even say that ? Like, you can say "we are the minority !", but can you say " we are the majority !". I don't really think that works ?
So, i am starting off this book of "unwritten but now written rules:
  • Never call or text the same day you get the number.
  • Don't pick up the phone, before 2 1/2 rings.
  • Do NOT, ask strangers on advice about the rules - chances are the rules they have don't apply to you. But if you befriend that stranger, its totally cool to listen to 'em.
  • Never break the rules, unless you must. Then totally do it (Y)

What are your rules ? On anything ?


  1. fool, I digg you. And if yu're gunna ring me, I'ma answer it straight away. Screw being seen as eager, I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU ! =D

  2. Ahhh my rule is fuck the rules.
    rfberifhberoufbge texting drives me crazy I have a friend who will get a text from a guy and consult everyone in the room on it's meaning before texting him back I'm like NOOOO wtf this guy doesn't want you analyzing everything he says!

    Here is my only rule and it is a very very safe one that I think everyone should go by,

    You can only assume a guy is flirting if his actions would be creepy coming from a girl. Make sense? right? It was tricky putting that into words, but everything else is just being friendly in my opinion.

  3. if a boy calls you 'babe', on the phone or otherwise, do not agree to go out with him.

    chances are he will turn out being a douche.

    ps leah's rule above is excellent.

  4. I have no rules. I find those rules are too constrictive and pointless. They really contradict the whole point of the exercise, don't they. Either that or I'm bloody impatient.
    Either way, I'll refrain :)