something tells me i need to be in the UK.

Thats ultimately it. I love everything about the UK. The people, the flag, the scene, the music, the accents ! But most of all - I LOVE GLASTONBURY (the festival) ! Like who doesn't want to spend a day with the best bands, day tripprin' in gum boots. Sunshine, sunglasses, and messy hair. Its all good stuff. Picture THIS:

You've curled you're fringe. Why ? 'Cause that's the coolest way to come to these things. You're wearing you're legit gumboots, and the jacket you purchased from a vintage store in Durham. You met your mate Charlie Chaplin on they way - and being the nice chap he is, let you borrow his bowler hat. You wore your brightest shirt, rocked you brightest bangles and off you went. And guess what ? Thats right - you had the best day of your life.

You know lately, i have been responding really well to feathered headbands. There not the most practical of accesories, but who cares. They're mad.


Pipeline Refinery29


Bicycle Pirate


  1. oh haha, I was read your words before the pictures uploaded, and i was going to say that the bicycle pirate makes the most magical feathered head pieces. but you already know.
    I broke that one on my head, because the bicycle pirate forgot of my freakishly small head so I had to gather it with a safety pin and it ripped :( one day I shall sew it together and all will be right with the world.

    I seem to contaminate your blog with a lot of ranty rantingess. sorry about that.


    and p.s they are practical in the sense that if you are wearing an amazing feathered headband you dont even need to bother about the rest of your outfit.

  2. haha "i was read your words" I'm good at speaking, I obviously mean reading.


  3. Awesome, I love feathered headbands.. and I did a massive post about Glasto too, super desperate to go one day.


  4. Ahhh, love this. And the explanatory notes on Glastonbury. I want to attend. Muchly, I tell ya.
    More than happy to exchange links too...doing it now.

    Also, do you know Stompace and Bicycle Pirate? Stimpface is hella cool...she's all kinds of awesome!

    Feathered accessories are the way to go, don't let anyone convince you otherwise!